Hello! I am Eduardo and I am a software engineer with 10+ years of professional experience participating in the complete development lifecycle (from architecture designs to deploy and maintenance) of successfully launched systems.

I have advanced knowledges of the Java programming language as well as many technologies, frameworks, and tools of its ecosystem.

I am passionate about software development and advocate for teamwork. I like challenges and sharing my experience with colleagues, always respecting the opinions and criteria of others.

Professional Background
Senior Software Engineer at Nubank ↗ [06/2022..present]


Software Engineer at Nuvimedix ↗ [02/2012..05/2022]

Technical leading, architecture design and implementation of software products for health care area which allow hospitals, private clinics, laboratories, and others health providers to carry out medical consultations remotely, via advanced high-definition video conference systems, and to store clinical data (patients, consultations, studies, etc.) with high levels of security.

Related projects:

Specialist B in Computer Science at Tecnomática ↗ [01/2012..10/2015]

Development of software products for the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM) of Cuba ↗.

Related projects:

EMS-Connect™ System ↗ (at Nuvimedix)

System oriented to the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) ↗ in the United States. It allows doctors to interact with the patient while this is en-route to the hospital, through an advanced live HD video system and many diagnostic instruments installed in the emergency vehicle.

Doctors remotely control all the systems and instruments installed in ambulances. Allowing them to give more precise guidance on patient care by paramedics and, in the same way, receive them with a preparation more in accordance to their health status.

Nuvimedix™ Software ↗ (at Nuvimedix)

Primary care telehealth software solution providing real consultation experience through a modern HD video system and a wide variety of advanced diagnostic instruments. The doctor can direct and monitor all tests from his remote station, interacting with the patient in real time.

Above instruments allows generate accurate records of vital signs, medical-quality images of several body zones (skin, eyes, ears, etc.), abdominal and lung sounds, ECG, ultrasounds, and blood chemistry.

SICAG (at Tecnomática)

The Integral System for Geologic Activity Control (SICAG by its initials in Spanish) was designed for manage the planning, approvement and execution process of Geological Objectives places ("Objetivos Geológicos" in Spanish) by the Cuban Institute of Geology and Paleontology ↗ (IGP by its initials in Spanish).

Investments Control System (at Tecnomática)

WEB application developed for the Cuban Ministry of Energy and Mines. The main goal was replacing the current manual process for the investments management and control.

Personal Projects
Ainoha Framework ↗

A lightweight framework for develop JavaFX 11, and later, applications in a fast way.

Check Commit Exists ↗

GitHub Action to check if a commit exists in the current fetched history of the git repository.

SCP Upload ↗

GitHub Action to upload files using SCP with key-based authentication.

Top Skills
Software Engineering
  • Software architecture, design, and development
  • Design patterns and principles
  • Data structures
  • Testing
Programming Languages
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Go
  • C#
  • JavaFX
  • Spring Framework (Boot, Security, MVC, Data, AOP)
  • JPA
  • Hibernate
  • JUnit, Hamcrest, AssertJ, Mockito
Misc Tools
  • Maven
  • Git
  • GitHub Actions
  • Docker and Docker Compose
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Eclipse
  • VS Code
  • NetBeans
Operating Systems
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Spanish (Native)
  • English (Professional)
Postgraduate course, PostgreSQL Programming [2014]

University of Informatic Science (UCI) ↗, Havana, Cuba.

Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering [09/2006..07/2011]

Higher Polytechnic Institute José Antonio Echeverría (CUJAE) ↗, today Technological University of Havana José Antonio Echeverría, Havana, Cuba.